Product performance:
Dispersible polymer powder is a room temperature can be dissolved in water polymer powder, commonly used in building materials in cement modification. Emulsion polymer powder into water, condensation in the hardening process of cement mortar can be dehydrated again, so that the polymer particles formed in the cement mortar film, this film has high flexibility, high weather resistance and good adhesion and alkali resistance.
--To improve bonding strength and cohesion
Cement mortar in the dry powder products, add the dispersible polymer powders is extremely necessary. Improve the material its strength and cohesion of the adhesive is very clear. This is because the polymer particles of the cement matrix and the capillary porosity of the infiltration, and after the cement hydration to form a good cohesive strength results. Also, because of the polymer resin itself has an excellent adhesive strength. At cement mortar to improve the product adhesion to the substrate, in particular, such inorganic cement binder for wood, fiber, PVC, EPS, XPS viscosity of these organic substrates poor junction improvements, a more obvious role.
--Improve the bending and tensile resistance of
After hydration in cement mortar to form a rigid skeleton, the polymer membrane flexibility and toughness of cement mortar in between the particles and particles, play a similar function of joints, the deformation can withstand high loads, so that to reduce stress, making of tensile and anti-bending can be improved.
--Improve the impact resistance
Dispersible polymer powder, as thermoplastic resin. The coated particles in the mortar on the surface of a soft film that can absorb the impact of external forces, relaxation without damage, thereby enhancing the impact resistance of mortar.
--Increase the hydrophobicity to reduce water absorption
Add redispersible powders can improve the microstructure of cement mortar. The polymer in the cement hydration process of the formation of irreversible network, closed in the cement gel capillary, blocking the absorption of water to prevent water infiltration, and improve the impermeability capacity.
--Increased wear resistance durability
Add dispersible polymer powder,it can increase the cement mortar the particles and between of the polymer membrane combined degrees . Bond strength increases, a corresponding increase in the ability of mortar to withstand shear stress, making the wear rate decreased wear resistance is increased, extending the life of the mortar.
--To improve the stability of the effective prevention of freeze-thaw cracking materials
Dispersible polymer powder, the thermoplastic resin has the plasticity effect can overcome the temperature change on the cement mortar material damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Shrinkage deformation of cement mortar to overcome the simple, easy to crack the shortcomings, allows a flexible material, thereby enhancing the material's long-term stability..

Product Applications:
First exterior insulation and finish systems:
To the wall with mortar to ensure that EPS (XPS) solid bonding plate to improve the bond strength. To ensure that the mechanical strength of insulation systems, anti-cracking and durability, impact resistance.
Second tile adhesive and sealant:
For the mortar to provide high adhesion strength to the mortar with sufficient flexibility to contingency bases and tiles of different coefficient of thermal expansion. So that mortar has a water-repellent to prevent water intrusion. At the same time, with the tiles have a very good adhesion and low shrinkage.
Third within the external walls of putty:
Increase the bond strength of putty, putty to ensure a certain flexibility to buffer the different grass-roots stretching stress produce different role. To ensure that putty has good anti-aging and anti-permeability and moisture-proof nature.
Fourth self-leveling floor mortar:
Add dispersible polymer powder mortar floor surface to form a smooth, improve the bond strength of the grass-roots level, to promote cohesion and resistance to abrasion, to improve the flexural strength of mortar to reduce the stress to avoid the formation of shrinkage cracks.
Five mortar interface:
Improve the mortar and the surface of the bonding strength.
Six waterproof cement-based mortar, repair mortars, masonry mortar plastering
To ensure that the mortar has sufficient hydrophobicity, permeability and bond strength and improve the resistance of mortar and flexural strength, reducing the elastic modulus of mortar to improve the ease of construction operation and enhance efficiency.

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